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Retiring Vice President Leah Hicks Honored at Annual Trustee Board Dinner

CWA Local 1014 President Karl Walko spoke about his feelings for retiring Vice President Leah Hicks at the annual Local 1014 Board of Trustees Dinner:

"How do you express your feelings about someone with whom you worked closely through many highs and lows for over twenty years? Let me start with RESPECT!

Leah has always commanded respect from management and from members. Whether they liked her or not, they had to respect her willingness to mix it up and to make sure they knew where she stood. For my sixteen years as President, she always had my respect and I always knew I had her support.

So, let me also cite her LOYALTY! Every attempt to divide us went nowhere. She had my back and I had hers because we both were focused on the interests of members and the organization. She helped me where I needed it and I would like to think I helped her. In any case, Local 1014 would not have gotten to this point without her.

I will let Leah tell about how she started and how she was pulled into her service to the Union, but I know that it really came down to her care for people…especially people that needed someone to stand up for them.

On behalf of all the members of Local 1014 and those of Council #10 before, I want to thank Leah for her years and years of service. And while we will always be friends and will continue to see each other, it will not be the same. So, I want to personally thank Leah for all the help, encouragement and sympathy she has provided to me as Vice President. When I needed her, she was always there.