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Joe Norman Selected Local 1014 MEMBER OF THE YEAR

Each December, Local 1014 selects one of its members as its “Member of the Year”. The Member of the Year award was created to recognize individuals who made an exceptional effort to improve their work place or to support fellow members. Our intent is to spotlight their service as an example for others. The selection is made by the Local 1014 Officers.

This year’s Member of the Year is newly elected Gloucester Township Public Works Trustee Joseph Norman.

Joe has served as the Unit’s Shop Steward since 2016 and ran for Trustee to fill a vacancy. While a Steward, Joe was one of our top representatives in staying on top of issues and making sure both workers and the union office are kept in the loop.

In addition to serving effectively as a Steward, Joe volunteered for CWA Labor Walks each weekend from late September up to Election Day for Democratic candidate Andy Kim in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. His opponent Tom MacArthur led the Republican effort in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The ACA only remains in place because of the failure of the Senate to vote in favor of the House action. He also was the only New Jersey Congressman to vote with the Trump Administration to cut taxes for corporations and the extremely wealthy while increasing taxes for homeowners in New Jersey. Thanks to the work of Joe, as well as other union volunteers, Kim was elected in a race that was decided by less than 3,500 votes. Kim’s election helped “Flip the House” from Republican to Democratic control, the top priority of CWA. Kim joins three other New Jersey Democrats in replacing Republicans in Congress.

Local 1014 looks for many more years of service from Joe. His many outstanding qualities are recognized by other union representatives as well as his co-workers.